Tell the EPA: Ban this harmful pesticide unless and until it's proven safe

Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OPP-2011-0668

The EPA's recent findings that cyantraniliprole harms more than 40% of threatened or endangered species underscores the need for stronger restrictions on the use of this pesticide.

In particular, cyantraniliprole affects certain species of bees -- and without these vital pollinators, many of the foods we love could disappear. Cyantraniliprole can also drift from where it's sprayed, and it can pollute water sources via runoff from the soil of treated areas.

I urge the EPA to order the phase-out of this pesticide unless and until it can be proven safe, and to immediately implement the strongest possible measures for reducing the risks cyantraniliprole poses to our environment and our health, such as mitigating spray drift and runoff pollution.