Tell the EPA: Place stricter limits on toxic DINP chemicals

Re: Docket # EPA--HQ--TRI--2022--0262

A category of chemicals called diisononyl phthalate, or DINP, is added to plastic by manufacturers to make their final products softer or more flexible -- but they are also linked to serious health risks like cancer. I support EPA's proposed rule of requiring users of DINP to report to the Toxics Release Inventory as it would expand our right to know about toxic hazards in the products we buy.

But this is only the first step in protecting the public from these toxic chemicals found in many everyday products. Without full knowledge of all manufacturers making and/or releasing DINP at any level, we can't know the full extent of contamination by these dangerous chemicals. I strongly urge you to consider stricter thresholds on the required reporting of DINP releases.