Protect our bees and our food supply

Out of the top 100 crops that provide 90 percent of the world's food, bees pollinate 71 of them. Yet, a billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed across the United States each year, contributing to bee-die offs with alarming consequences for our food supply.

Neonicotinoids -- or neonics for short -- are a common class of pesticides used in agriculture as well as on our parks, lawns and gardens.On their own, neonics are already toxic to bees -- making them sick, infecting the hive and consequently harming the ability to reproduce for honeybees, forager bees and nurse bees alike.

To save the bees and the foods they make possible, we're calling on the EPA to ban the worst uses of neonics. Add your name today.

Subject: Our food supply is facing grave danger because of rapid bee die-offs from the prevalence of neonicotinoids. Ban the worst uses of neonics today to safeguard bees and our food.