Support federal investment in electric school buses

Getting to school shouldn't include a daily dose of toxic pollution. But the vast majority of the school buses our kids ride everyday run on diesel, which pollutes our communities and endangers the health of our children. There is a better option: electric school buses. These have zero tailpipe emissions, so they reduce exposure to toxic pollutants -- and because they cost less to fuel and maintain, they actually save school districts money over the course of their lifetimes.

Right now, a bipartisan group of senators are working on legislation to invest in America's infrastructure, including electric school buses. But some are instead suggesting spending federal funds on more dirty gas-powered buses that will pollute for years.

We shouldn't spend money on dirty buses instead of pollution-free, electric school buses. Tell your U.S. senators to oppose funding for dirty, diesel and gas-powered school buses in the infrastructure agreement.

Subject: Support electric school buses in the bipartisan infrastructure agreement