Tell McDonald's: Stop packaging your food in pollution

Over a million Big Mac boxes are used and discarded each day. And new test results show that those boxes may be contributing to the PFAS "forever chemicals" pollution crisis.

Corporations add PFAS forever chemicals to food packaging to make it grease-resistant. The packaging is used once, but toxic PFAS chemicals last forever in the environment.

New testing of paper food packaging from top fast-food chains found fluorine levels suggesting PFAS treatment in nearly half of samples -- including a Big Mac box as well as a McDonald's fry bag and cookie bag. We're not lovin' it.

PFAS have been linked to increased risk for certain cancers, immune system suppression, and reduced birth weight. When people eat food from this packaging, they may end up ingesting some of these chemicals too.

And when McDonald's toxic trash goes into a landfill or incinerator, it can contaminate our air and water.

Tell McDonald's: Your customers don't want these chemicals in their food.

Subject: Please go PFAS-free