Tell the EPA to get the lead out of our drinking water

Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2017-0300

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler:

For the sake of our drinking water and our children's health, I urge you to order the replacement of all lead service lines within 10 years or less, as part of EPA's update to the Lead & Copper Rule.

The drinking water of millions of Americans is being contaminated with lead. EPA's own research confirms that lead service lines are a primary cause of this contamination. That is why experts have been calling for the full replacement of these toxic pipes as soon as possible.

To be sure, EPA's proposals to strengthen testing and corrosion control are steps in the right direction. But these modest measures pale in comparison to the importance of removing the sources of contamination.

The tragic truth is that, over the course of decades, we built parts of our water infrastructure with a potent neurotoxin. There is no shortcut to solve this problem. It's time to get the lead out.